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Welcome to your visit to our website. It is our hope to build a web family of the Korean Mission Partnership with all those who supported Korean Mission from its inception in1889.

You can have first hand information of the Korean Anglican Church in her action via links with various organisations.

Some were written in Korean and others in English.We hope we can provide you with some information about those who gave their precious time for Korean Mission.

As this is an early stage of our dream, we do hope you will be able visit our website from time to time and give your valuable comments and information.






The Anglican Mission to Korea was formally launched when in 1889 the Archbishop of Bishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson consecrated the Rev John Corfe, a naval
chaplain, to be the
first bishop of

A Project of for Supporitng
North Korean Refugees



Now, the latest issue (2015/12) is available.
Please, find the 37 issues from 1988 to 2008.

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