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The Anglican Mission to Korea was formally launched when the Archbishop of Benson of Canterbury consecrated the Rev John Corfe, a naval chaplain to be the first bishop of Korea in 1889at Westminster Abbey.

When it was known that Corfe was to be the first Bishop of the Anglican Mission to Korea an admiral suggested that he was going on a forlorn hope. Corfe answered, "But if you had an order to attack a battleship in a dinghy you would obey." Any call from constituted authority was sufficient for him. His naval friends gave him great support.

Soon after the consecration Corfe travelled all over England, pleading his needs and preaching on behalf of all missions. He laid the foundation stone for the home base, not for money but for prayer. He first of all founded "The Association of prayer and work for Korea and elsewhere" for which the subscription was to be by prayer for the church's mission work all over the world. The association grew very rapidly. The report for 1890 tells of 1136 members, 115 Local Secretaries and three branches overseas.

Then he began to write a monthly letter for the supporters. This had grown into a proper monthly magazine, called 'Morning Calm' after a slight mistranslation of the native name for Korea. The magazine contained a feature headed 'The Spirit of Mission' which gave news of mission the world over, ad also a page of 'Missionary Intercession and Thanksgiving'. The latter was finally developed into a 'Quarterly Intercession Paper'.

Another interesting idea of Corfe was the cover design, showing a dove at the centre of a compass. The dove looks over Jerusalem hence the Gospel carried in all directions 'to the uttermost parts of the earth'. Around the points of the compass are the names of the major countries of the whole world. Corfe's mission to Korea was asked also to pray round that compass daily.

The outcome for his appeal for men for the nine months was two volunteers

So the Korean mission has begun and the home base for the mission has been established.

 To be continued

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